The Vampire and His Pleasant Companions Vol 1 Review

Long time manga readers might remember an older shojo series by the name of: Baby & Me, which was about a young boy trying to be a good big brother to his younger sibling after their mother passes away. It was a sweet story, but very emotional and it frequently reduced me to a blubbering... Continue Reading →

Killing Me! Vol 1 Review

I was completely onboard for the premise of this manga, which features a yuri romance between a vampire and a vampire hunter. I mean, that sounds super fun, right? Unfortunately, the end result is something of a letdown… Synopsis: Saki Fujimiya is a graceful and accomplished honor student by day and a deadly vampire hunter... Continue Reading →

The Case Study of Vanitas Vol 1 Review

'The Case Study of Vanitas' is the newest manga by Jun Mochizuki, the mangaka behind the hit series 'Pandora Hearts'. Being a fan of that series I was interested in seeing what this new story was all about. The cover of this manga tempted me with promises of more lovely steam punk fantasy adventures and the description of the book seemed... Continue Reading →

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