The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent (Manga) Vol 1-2 Review

Allow me to introduce you to my new obsession! Adapted from the light-novel series of the same name, by Yuka Tachibana, The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent is a delightful isekai manga by Fujiazuki, which tells the story of an office worker who is unexpectedly summoned to another world, where she finds herself gifted with... Continue Reading →

Spiritfarer Review

I was introduced to Spiritfarer by my brother, who purchased the game for me because he wanted to have someone to talk to about it. Playing this game was a very unique experience; it’s at times very cute and funny and at other times extremely poignant and emotional. In Spiritfarer you play as Stella, a... Continue Reading →

The Demon Girl Next Door Vol 1 Review

Izumo Ito's 4-panel manga, The Demon Girl Next Door, is a whimsical comedy about a clumsy and cute demon and her nemesis: a retired magical-girl who seems more interested in being friends then fighting. It's quite delightful! Synopsis: Yuko wakes up one morning and is shocked to discover that she's suddenly grown horns and a... Continue Reading →

Heterogenia Linguistico Vol 1 Review

I’ve always been kind of a dummy when it comes to learning other languages. I was terrible at the mandatory French classes I took in grade school and my short-lived attempt to learn Japanese in University was a disaster. It's just not something that comes easily to me, so I greatly admire people who can... Continue Reading →

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