Failure to Launch Tag Post

Ever wonder what would happen if your favourite hero decided not to bother answering the call to action and went and had a nap instead? Well, this tag post explores exactly that. Thank you to Never Argue With a Fish for tagging me in my first tag post of the year! Coming up with these... Continue Reading →

Otherside Picnic (Manga) Vol 1 Review

Eita Miyazawa's Otherside Picnic manga is an adaptation of a series of sci-fi/adventure novels that were written by Iori Miyazawa. I haven't read these books, or seen the anime adaptation based on them, so this will be a review of strictly the manga version of this story. Synopsis: Surly college student, Sorawo, isn't very good... Continue Reading →

The Blogger Recognition Award

It's been a little while since I was last nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award and I found that, this time around, I had to think for a bit in order to come up with some new blogging advice. I guess I haven't learned that much since last time! Thank you to Railgunfan75 and Neverarguewithafish... Continue Reading →

An unpopular opinions tag!

It's time to bust out some unpopular, and possibly questionable, opinions! Thanks to Eggsandwich04 for tagging me, this should be a lot of fun! Lets get started. Popular Series I don't like: For some reason this question gave me the most trouble, probably because I tend to drop series I don't enjoy pretty quickly and... Continue Reading →

The Super Happy Love Blog Award

Despite having fallen way behind on responding to these tag posts, I'm definitely feeling the love today! Thank you to both Keiko and Yomu for tagging for The Super Happy Love Blog Award and I hope you'll all send some love their way and check out their respective blogs. I'd also like to thank Pinkie,... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Blogger Award Part Two

Thank you to 7Mononoke from the Anime Rants Blog, who was kind enough to tag me for the Mystery Blogger Award. My second nomination in so many weeks! 7Mononoke recently returned to blogging after taking a short break and I'm delighted that I get to read their posts again, so be sure to check out... Continue Reading →

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