Avatar the Last Airbender: Team Avatar Tales Review

Avatar the Last Airbender: Team Avatar Tales is an anthology of short comics created by a variety of artists/writers that celebrate the characters and world of Avatar the Last Airbender. While I don’t believe any of these stories can be considered to be canon, it’s interesting to see other creators takes on these beloved characters.... Continue Reading →

The Avant-Guards Vol 1 Review

Boom! Box has done it again! The Avant-Guards is a bright and charming comic series featuring a diverse cast of characters that’s right at home with the publishers growing catalogue of inclusive comics. Synopsis: Charlie has just transferred to an Arts College, after losing her scholarship to a State University, and she almost immediately catches... Continue Reading →

Super Fun Sexy Times Review

I love it when a book’s title just tells me everything I need to know about what I’m about to read. Super Fun Sexy Times is a collection of five erotic short stories that feature superheroes and villains with a range of body types, sexualities, gender-identities and ethnicities. And yes, these stories are fun, and... Continue Reading →

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