Still Sick Vol 1 Review

StillSick_Vol1_CoverWhile I have nothing against a highschool romance, it’s always nice to find a yuri manga featuring adults. And not only are the leads of Still Sick working, adult women, they’re also manga fans!


Makoto Shimizu’s worst nightmare has just become reality: one of her co-workers has discovered that she draws and sells fan comics! Specifically yuri fan comics! Luckily, her air-headed younger co-worker, Akane Maekawa, agrees to keep her hobby a secret and even seems interested in learning more about these “lesbian-love comics”. Despite believing herself to only be interested in two-dimensional women, Makoto is drawn to the friendly and open-minded Akane and the two become unlikely friends. As she gets to know Akane better, Makoto realizes that, underneath her chipper demeanor, Akane is struggling to work through some issues from her past. Makoto is eager to offer her support, but will she be able to help Akane or will her efforts just wind up alienating her?


At the start of this comic I had a pretty clear idea in my head of how I expected things to go. Still Sick seemed to have a standard yuri setup; we have the cheerful and earnest younger love-interest paired up with the older, slightly grumpy but reliable older co-worker. But right from the end of the first chapter there were hints that there was more to the story then a cliché romance about opposites attracting. Akane turned out to be a much more complicated, and completely different, character then I had initially pegged her for. I don’t want to give too much away, but suffice it to say I was pleasantly surprised with the direction the story wound up taking and it was interesting to see Makoto and Akane’s roles shift as the series progressed, with Makoto turning out to be the more straightforward and upbeat of the two.

Given that this is a manga featuring adult women, there is a lot of focus on their careers. We see both ladies at work in their office jobs and confronting the realities of how difficult it can be to chase ones dreams. Makoto is passionate about the comics she draws, but is content with pursuing it as a hobby while living off of what she makes at her day job. She doesn’t need drawing to be her career and instead gets satisfaction from knowing that she has a small number of fans who enjoy her work. That’s something I could personally relate to. Akane, on the other hand, had been pursuing her dream career, and had even achieved some early success in her chosen field, but then ran into a road block that she hasn’t been able to overcome. Thanks to her relationship with Makoto however, she is inspired to try again and, now that she has someone in her life to support her, she has hope that this time will be different. It’s nice to read about characters who are dealing with adult issues and I really like the supportive friendship that’s developing between the two leads. I want to see where their relationship goes in future volumes and I can’t wait to see if Akane can succeed now that she’s decided to devote herself to her passion.

I really enjoyed this first volume of Still Sick, Makoto and Akane have a cute relationship and I look forward to seeing how their romance progresses once they get past the flirting stage. This was a fun read that took some turns that I wasn’t expecting and I highly recommend it to fans of yuri manga or those looking for a romance story featuring adult protagonists.

Final Score: 8 out of 10

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What did you think of this manga? Were you surprised with the direction Akane’s character went? Let me know in the comments.

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